What to Expect – Camper Edition

So you've done it - you're registered for a week of camp at Canoe Cove. I guarantee you this is a decision that you won't regret! 'Why is that?' you might be thinking... 'How can I be so certain?' you might be wondering.... Well my friend, let me share with you a little bit about the awesome things that are going to happen during your week at Canoe Cove Christian Camp You will arrive at the camp site, probably a little nervous, but that will pass when you see the awesome lodge you get to stay in! We have 5 cabins, each with it's own special features.¬†You will have your own bunk in a cabin with some really cool staff and some even cooler campers. You'll get to know each other at night as you get ready for bed and during your cabin time during the afternoons. The bathrooms and the dining hall are in the same building so you won't have to go outside if you have to use the washroom at night. You'll get to be a part of a team while you are at camp too. These are the people with whom you will be doing competitions, playing games, winning stuff, and playing for the Royal Flush Crown! In your teams you'll also have time to dig into the Bible and learn what it means for you today. You'll meet plenty of new friends in your team and in your cabins. You'll have time to explore the campsite during free time and every day we'll go down to the beach for swim time. If you don't feel like getting wet, no worries at all! The beach is beautiful and if you go looking, you'll be sure to find a bunch of sea glass and hermit crabs and other cool creatures. How cool is that?!? We also play a ton of games at Canoe Cove. We take advantage of the huge field and spend our energy running around, chasing things, finding things, winning things and every week we will take a slide down the 100ft slip'n'slide! It is definitely a highlight! These games will have you laughing and enjoying a great time with your friends. One of the greatest parts about camp is the food. It is delicious and there is always a bunch of it. We fill our plates and eat until we're full of some amazing meals like homemade pizza, grilled cheese and tomato soup and the tasty chicken wraps. And then the desserts! They are so good I can't even describe them to you! During the week, we will try to have as many campfires as possible. Around the fire pit, we sing songs, dance dances, act silly and get ourselves pumped up for a potential visit from the Canoe Cove Blue Moose, a species native to our camp site. If we're in the mood, we might even go play a night game, like counselor hunt or capture the flag. Either way, we guarantee you'll be ready to sleep when you're head hits the pillow. At the end of the week, you won't want to leave. You'll find yourself wishing camp was year round or that we offered a boarding school or that if you offer to wash dishes for the rest of your life the staff won't send you home. But you'll eventually have to leave. And as you drive down that long dirt and slowly fall asleep, recovering from all the sleep you missed this week, you'll be dreaming of camp next summer (or if you're old enough, of Cold Snap,Deep Freeze and Frost Bite in February) Can't wait to see you there! I am more excited just writing about it!  

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