The Staff Debrief

by Wayne on August 29, 2010

I had the privilege of sitting in on the final staff debrief for the 2010 camp season this afternoon. It was an opportunity to hear the staff discuss what worked best and what needs to be improved, and I could see what a tremendous bond our staff have forged over the summer. God has blessed us by putting these people together at the right place, in the right time, to serve His purposes at this camp. What a feeling, being in the presence of such a fine group of young people! I have heard it said, by a number of people this summer: "We have a great staff this year." "The staff are awesome!" "What an incredible staff!" I couldn't agree more. From the Program Directors, Brenton and Kerry Dickieson (and Nicholas), to the Assistant PDs, Jim and Samara Midgett, the full-time staff, volunteer counsellors, speakers and musicians, Kitchen Coordinators MariLynn Darrach and Lise Thomsen and the host of Kitchen Servants this summer, God has indeed made this a successful camp season, touching many hearts and souls through His staff. Words seem trivial when trying to express the immense pride I feel for this wonderful group of people. I know they're going home tired, but I hope they feel that they're leaving with a sense of satisfaction in the work they have done this summer. You all have reason to be proud of your efforts this summer. May God bless you in everything you do. Thanks for everything you've done to make our campers' summer as outstanding as it possibly could be! Wayne Peters Chairman, Board of Directors Canoe Cove Christian Camp, Inc.

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