Core Values

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Core Values of Canoe Cove Christian Camp 

Developing leadership, community and Christian living. 

We believe that Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God, died so that we can  be free to experience the Kingdom of God both here on earth and in Heaven. Therefore, our programs allow the participants to experience God’s Kingdom through a program of worship, learning, discovery and service that is customized to their age group and the specific needs of each participant.
We believe that God created humans to live in community with one another and that everyone has an innate desire to be loved and to belong. Therefore, our programs are designed to encourage cooperation and teamwork and allow for life-long friendships to be cultivated in a safe and fun environment.
We believe that God designed each individual uniquely and has a purpose for each of us. Therefore, our programs are created to help each individual realize their potential and their gifts through mentoring and leadership development.
We believe that God desires a relationship with all people, everywhere. Therefore our end goal is to have each participant complete their program with a sense of having learned something, felt something or decided something that draws them closer to God and helps them grow as part of the body of Christ. Through education, emotional connection and encouragement of individual choice, our goal is to help each individual develop in their relationship with Christ.

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