Cold Snap 2011

by cccc on February 8, 2011

What can I say?  What an Awesome Weekend!  Food, fun, friends, Winter Worship, camp fires, amazing weather, amazing help...and an amazing group of campers!  God has been great to Cold Snap and everyone had a blast.

No doubt... it is a lot of work for everyone involved... counsellors, kitchen staff, directors and of course... the camp managers (and what great help we had!!).  But there is one thing that makes it all worth while... and that is the complete joy on the faces of everyone involved.  This picture says it all... and I just had to share. 

That is what I love about Cold Snap...and the camp in general... simple moments like this of pure joy.  This was not a chance moment or a rare find during the weekend...check out the photo gallery and you will see it was a weekend full of moments just like this.  I have to also mention the rink... Alan has spent hours upon hours getting it ready - flooding, blowing, shovelling... all the hard work paid off when you see the kids on the ice just having a complete blast and asking for more opportunities to skate!

We had a great time on Saturday with fun and games in the snow... and we had a great time inside as well throughout the weekend with team building challenges, memory work, trivia, worship and camp fires.  The campers were totally into the times of worship and singing their hearts out... and I was amazed at how they hung on Jeremy's every word as he brought a practical message at the campers level.

In the end... I think everyone had a blast... and I know that seeds were planted and memories were made that will never be forgotten. 

All the credit goes to the God of Wonders, The God of All, The God of Me!

Dont forget to take minute, and soak it all in like a sponge... God's amazing creation that is winter!  If you need a hand with that... drop by the camp some sunny afternoon... go for a skate on the rink, slide down Mount Slushmore or just stand by the edge of the bank and look at the beach, the water, the ice and the skyline...hard to ignore how truly Awesome our God is!

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